the company

We came together with a mission to solve big problems. In fact, the biggest problems that exist today, globally – the quest for true democracy. Our team consists of a ragtag group of thinkers and do-ers determined to make footprints which will echo throughout eternity. Yes, stole that last bit from Gladiator. 

The long and short of it is that our current political system(s) are a mess. We aim to clean that mess. Oh, and we made an app to do it.

We’re glad you are here and hope you want to come along for the ride. Dreamers and early adopters required – you are the Keymasters to our Gatekeeper.

the team

Edward Ober


The mastermind behind it all – the idea of eCivix was Ed’s brain child. A wicked-smart innovator, ask anyone he knows and they’ll tell you that he is nothing short of a creative genius. Hailing from the world of grant writing, Ed is a cunning wordsmith who can craft a document akin to the way a samurai wields a katana. With tiny goals like helping all of humanity, Ed is a detail-crazed visionary who always explains the most intricate, complex concepts by summing them up as, “that should be pretty easy to do”. Look out Musk, you’ve got competition. 

Rick Peterson

Architect - Back End

Hyper-passionate about cutting-edge technology, Rick swan dives through the land of graph databases like a porpoise navigates balmy, salt-kissed Hawaiian waters. Rick is a self-proclaimed data geek who can always find the most obscure mistakes even when they’re hidden in 8pt light-grey font. Armed with a bit of a perfectionist’s bent, Rick’s background is in – well, pretty much if it has to do with technology, he’s fluent in it – from architecture to CTO-ing, and every step in-between. 

Pace Ellsworth

Architect - Front End - BlockChain Guru

Half-human, half-cyborg – pull back the curtain and you’ll find Pace to be the wizard behind the scenes – for the scenery front. Complementary to his full stack coding prowess is his complete and utter obsession for all things CryptoVerse, which keeps him immersed in blockchain and coin ventures. From ICOs to currency development, if it has to do with digital currency chances are he’s involved. Just call him the CryptoKeeper, master of the coin.

Sean Naleid

Front End Code - UI/UX Design

When Sean’s not busy running the show over at Pace’s company, he keeps busy building out all-the-pieces you see in eCivix. Sean brings the magic to our mystery tour – putting the wheels in motion with his world-rocking graphic design and front-end code. Sean’s perkiness for clean code keeps us constantly evaluating and improving our designs which is unfortunate for us but fabulous for you, our users. Sean’s contributions to eCivix are invaluable – and the Yin to Rick’s database Yang.

Lauren Ober

Product Manager

Lauren’s M.O. is to get $#!+ done! From wrangling the team into using Agile processes, to running design sprints, she’s the glue that keeps the team sticky. Oh, and she likes creating videos, assisting with prototype input, and apparently speaking about herself in the third person. Not weird at all.

Michael Freedman

Community Leader

Michael is the builder of bridges in eCivix, connecting communities and people with effervescence and verve. Michael brings a vast network of resources to the table from his connections in academia – and runs several co-op websites centered around interactive, life-long learning communities.

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