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We the People

Imagine a social platform connecting people to their communities on issues they care about. The ability to reward interactions by transforming opinions into real, tangible changes. A new way to do government that includes the voice of everyone.

Hello, eCivix 

Change the future

in order to make life different, you need to do something new

Why eCivix?

Who can tell the truth from fiction when it comes to news and information? We can, that’s who. We do credibility ratings – for both people and news.

Everyone has opinions and should be able to voice them. But, some don’t have much time. That’s okay. This experience works for all.

By now, Intelligent Government should be more than just an oxymoron. If you had the option to connect your community, why would you choose otherwise?

Door-to-door polling? Mail-in census? Voting in a building? SO last century. Technology enables us to work smarter, not harder. 

People have a vested interest but little idea of what happens to their tax dollars. Ecivix helps to provide transparency and collect input on public spending.

We live in a world of uncertainty. It’s time that public policy participation was made safe and convenient.

Gen X, Y, or Z won’t respond to your offline services. Get it online or miss out on a large part of your audience.

Statistics and reporting is more accurate and much easier to acquire online than through snail-mail or in-person.



Do it online. Voting subjects and candidate information is all at your fingertips - learn as much or as little as you need to before making decisions.


Argue your point of view in healthy discussions, or be an observer. Only professional behavior tolerated, no schoolyard bullies.


We build a reputation database that validates people's backgrounds, credentials, test scores, and article reads.



We score information based on reputation of sources, freshness (how current it is), and aggregated public ratings.


Get paid to become an official "expert" on one or multiple subjects by the knowledge you bring, reading articles, and taking self-assessments.

Bottom-UP Democracy

Decisions that impact you and the community start with you and the community.

Change tomorrow, today government re-imagined

What we are doing now isn’t working – time for something new